Quality Policy

Quality Policy

“Our commitment of giving our customer the best and exceeding their expectations” has always helped us to remain ahead of our competitors.

Our Commitments

Hiro-Nisha is committed to develop problem solving concepts and always upholds this commitment by manufacturing quality products which are not only based on the latest state-of-the-art technology but also make good economic sense. Quality is an expression to describe the materials we use besides the qualification and experience of our staff to ensure manufacturing of right quality products. Our products are consistently subjected to quality controls and inspection during all critical production stages.

Finding New Applications & Solutions

We not only keep pace with technical progress made by our customer, but we also try to contribute to the pace of progress by introducing the latest developments in our products. This has been our principle from the beginning that was more than 29 years ago. Our R&D department has two major objectives.

  • Modernization of products with updating process.
  • To optimize the existing product costs.
Quality Control & Inspection

Strict quality control is maintained at each stage of manufacturing. The system of stage-wise inspection and various stages of manufacturing of individual components for dimensions, quality and tolerances have enabled us to maintain the best quality and interchangeability of our products.
The major raw materials used for the manufacturing of triplex pumps are procured either indigenously from reputed suppliers/manufacturers or imported with original mill certificates duly certified for physical properties, chemical composition and heat treatment as per the appropriate applicable standards.
Besides, they are further subjected to testing for detailed physical and chemical evaluation at reputed independent laboratories by our inspection department to ensure compliance with relevant standard before taking it up for the production.